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The first life changing gift idea is swimming lessons.

The first life changing gift idea is swimming lessons. And guess what – lots of people can’t swim – the American Red Cross found in 2014 that nearly half of all Americans cannot swim or do basic swim safety (Article Link) – so this life changing gift may be a good gift for you to give!

Aside from the fact that learning to swim can help prevent drownings, swimming is low impact form of exercise that helps build fitness, there are other real benefits to learning to swim. For example, according to the YMCA benefits of learning to swim can help build confidence (Article Link). And who wouldn’t benefit from a bit more confidence?

Swimming lessons can be purchased from your local swimming pool.

A gift for swimmers and non-swimmers of ALL ages

Don’t fret! Swimming lessons are not a gift only for non-swimmers – swimming lessons can also be a perfect gift for competent swimmers, and there are programs available for advanced and for competitive swimmers alike. And swimming lessons can be the perfect gift for people of all ages, not just kids.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a swimmer then you are in luck. There are many gifts for swimmers of all levels that can help them both improve their swimming and their enjoyment of swimming, whether the gift is a new pair of goggles (Affiliate Link) or a training aid such as a pair of clutch paddles (Affiliate Link) which help promote a proper hand position and create a smooth pulling trajectory for the swimmer.

Guides to improve swimming are available in all sorts of mediums and cater for the different levels for swimmers. Guides can be found in the traditional form of books such as books to improve technique for swimmers and triathletes (Affiliate Link) and there are online courses available as well.


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