Think about the planet! Don’t waste your wrapping paper…

Don’t waste your wrapping paper – a Pegifi tip to save paper and money!

Let’s face it. Wrapping paper is something that is used on an ad hoc basis and thrown in the back of a cupboard when not in use.

What happens to the wrapping paper when in the cupboard?

It inevitably gets ruined and then thrown out.


So how do you fix this, without spending money, and without taking up too much room (which you don’t have anyways!)??

Use a garment bag and hang it up!


Simple. Easy. And at no cost!


That’s Pegifi for you!

However, if being thrifty is not your thing and you want a professional solution to gift wrapping then you’re in luck! Amazon can help you out with a structured gift wrap organizer (Affiliate Link) or if you want to get your game on and to take it to the next level you can even get a mobile gift wrap cart (Affiliate Link).


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