Think before you wrap!

Got the perfect gift.

Let’s wrap it and get to the party…

Okay, STOP. REWIND. Thinking about how you wrap or present your gift before it’s time to give it can provide you with several opportunities to turn an OK gift into a great gift, or a great gift into the perfect gift!

But how? you ask, cynically…

Well, there are many ways. For example, put a small gift inside a really large box. Gotcha!

However, that is not the purpose of this post.

But first, a quick no-brainer…

Which image do you prefer?

Eco-friendly wrapping paper

Your choice of wrapping paper makes a difference


Eco-friendly wrapping paper

A BIG difference!

Yep. No-brainer.

The choices you make in your everyday life, including how you wrap your gifts, have an impact.

The purpose of this post is to suggest that by planning in advance you can present and wrap gifts in an environmentally friendly way.

Who cares? We do. But if the environment is not important to you, then you’re on the wrong website.

If you wait until you need wrapping paper then you a leaving it to chance that you will be able to find environmentally friendly wrapping paper.

So don’t leave it to chance.

Get wrapping paper now that is eco-friendly and looks great too.

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