10 Steps – How to Wrap a Collection of Gifts

How to Wrap a Big Gift…

… or a Collection of Gifts

in 10 Simple Steps

Wrapping a single gift, especially one that comes in a box is straight forward. Wrapping an oddly shaped gift is someone more tricky, but how do you wrap a gift that is huge?

This post will show you how.

Step 1: Work out the Size of the Gift to be Wrapped

If you are only wrapping a simple, large gift, then this step is easy – take a look at the gift and guestimate how much wrapping paper you will need.

If, however, you are wrapping a number of gifts that collectively will make up a huge gift then you first need to arrange the gifts in a way that works. For example, heavy and large gifts on the bottom. Fragile gifts on the top. Oddly shaped gifts – might be best to leave this until last, and see where these oddly shaped gifts will best fit in the arrangement.


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Step 2: How will the Gift be Presented?

Does the huge gift need to taken to event or will it simply be given where it is being wrapped? If the gift is not being transported then you do not need to worry about the gifts moving around during transport, and possibly damaging the wrapping. If the gift is going to be transported, then you need to make sure that the gift or gifts are held together in a way that prevents them from moving about. This can be achieved in a number of ways, for example, the gifts can be put in a larger box to be wrapped, or they can be tied or wrapped together to create one single, sturdy gift to be wrapped.

Step 3: Checklist – Items You Will Need

  • Wrapping paper -better to have more – a lot more – wrapping paper then you think you will need. A simple rule of thumb is to have available twice the amount you think you need. To be safe, it is best to have a fresh roll of wrapping paper to make sure you don’t get caught short.
  • Scissors.
  • Sticky Tape.
  • Pen & Paper
  • Ruler or Measuring Tape
  • Flat surface to wrap the gift – this must be much larger then the gift itself.


  • Ribbon – wider ribbons look better on larger gifts – normal size ribbon can get lost in the size of the gift.
  • Bow – again a bigger bow is need to stand out.
  • And someone to help!

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Step 4: Determine the Shape of the Gift Wrapping

What shape will you wrap the gift be wrapped? Will it be a square or rectangle? If yes, then this is straight forward. But more often than not when we have a collection of goods then the final shape will be a pyramid of sorts. When you end up with a pyramid, then you can wrap the gift like a close flower. Think or the wrapping paper like petals of a flower to wrap the base and come together at the top of the present.

Step 5: Calculate How Much Paper is Needed

Follow these steps to calculate how much wrapping paper you will need:

  1. Draw the gift on paper.
  2. Measure the gift and add dimensions to the drawing.
  3. Measure the width of the wrapping paper.
  4. Calculate how many strips of wrapping paper you will need to cover the gift.

Too much wrapping paper is better then too little wrapping paper. When you calculate how many strips you will need, add in some excess wrapping paper. This can be trimmed back later. But if you end up having too little then you may need to start again.

Step 6: Cut the Wrapping Paper

Cut strips of wrapping paper on a flat surface to ensure the wrapping paper is not creased or accidentally torn.


And remember what the carpenters say: “measure twice and cut once!”

Step 7: Arrange the Wrapping Paper & Do a Practice Wrap

Take the strips of wrapping paper and lay them out like a flat, open flower. Place the gift in the middle.


This step is crucial – make sure the gift is centered in the wrapping paper.

Step 8: Do a Practice Wrap

Now do a practice wrap. What’s a practice wrap? Its wrapping a gift without using any tape, to make sure there is adequate wrapping paper to wrap the gift – this is where your helper comes in. Wrap the gift, and rather than tape the wrapping paper together, get your helper to hold the paper in place. This will give you a clear idea of whether you have enough wrapping paper, or alternatively if you have way to much wrapping paper. Make any adjustments, or cut additional strips of wrapping paper if required.


Don’t skip the practice wrap – once you start adding tape the wrapping paper can be easily damaged and you could end up having to start all over again. Do the practice wrap – address any issues identified – and then we are ready to wrap the gift.

Step 9: Wrap the Gift

Based on a successful practice wrap, let’s now wrap the gift. Before you start to wrap, cut strips of sticky tape so its ready to go when needed. Again its better to have extra cut pieces of sticky tape ready to go if needed rather than trying to hold together a half wrapped present with your helper whilst cutting sticky tape with a spare hand that you won’t have.

Step 10: Finish With a Ribbon & Bow and We’re Done!

And we are done. Add the ribbon & bow and you have a beautifully presented gift. Well Done!


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