Looking for sci-fi gifts? A crazy cool gift for SMALL sci-fi fans!

Looking for sci-fi gifts?

A kid sized Landspeeder™ is the dream sci-fi gift for the right sci-fi fan.

Take note of what we say – it’s a dream gift for the right sci-fi fan!

3 key factors to determine whether it’s the right sci-fi gift for you:

  1. It’s rated for ages 4+ and has a weight capacity of 130 pounds (58 kilograms). So if you’re a fan but weigh over 130 pounds then this gift is not for you.
  2. It currently only ships to USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the U.K. That being said, the good news is it will soon be shipping to France, the Netherlands and Poland.
  3. It is expensive.

One further consideration – the sci-fi fan will need somewhere to drive it…

Those factors considered, what a cool gift.

Possibly the perfect gift for the small sci-fi fan!

Interested? Want more information?

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