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3 reasons why a wallet is the perfect gift

Here are 3 great reasons why a mens wallet is the perfect gift.

1 Every man needs  a mens wallet

All men use wallets, every day. And what happens when you use something every day? It wears out over time. So whilst that special man in your life, whether that special man is your boyfriend, best friend, husband, dad, son, brother, or even yourself may have a perfectly good wallet now, at some point in the future a new wallet will be needed.

buy mens wallet

umm… don’t wait until it looks like this!

So don’t wait until the wallet looks like its on its last breath! Buy a mens wallet and keep it fresh!

2 Men change (we all change!)

Just as a mens wallet changes over time, so do men. Whether its their age, taste, responsibilities, career, basketball team… you get the idea. And chances are the wallet that was bought a year or two ago looked great then – but be honest. How does it look now?

umm… this might have worked in high school…

3 A wallet doesn’t just hold your money & credit cards – it lets the world know who you are

How you talk, how you walk, what you wear – these are all signals about who you are and what you’re about. And the wallet is just part of the picture of who you are. So the question here is: who is the person you are buying the wallet for? A businessman who will be buying lunch for clients? Don’t want to pay with the wallet that got you through university? A dude buying drinks before the concern. Best not to pay for the drinks with the wallet your parents bought you when they were hoping you’d get a degree in accounting…

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Beautiful and stylish men’s clothing and accessories.

So don’t just buy a wallet to hold money and credit cards. Buy a mens wallet to help the man express who he truly is!

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Mens wallet for the style king, businessman and entrepreneur

3 different wallets to buy in 2017

If we’ve said that a mens wallet is a form of expression for the different types of men then we should list our top 3 wallets to buy in 2017 in categories that reflect the different types of men out there. But, of course, this list is not exhaustive. In true Pegifi style, lets keep it short and got on with life. So with no further ado:

1 Mens wallet for the style king, businessman and entrepreneur

The Bellroy Note Sleeve is a slim size wallet that fits cash and 11 cards. A mens wallet that is clever and looks good – for me who are clever and look good.

buy mens wallet

Bellroy Note Sleeve, slim leather wallet

Fit 11 cards in a slim wallet? That is clever!

2 Mens wallet for the hipster and dude

Frye has been making leather goods in the United States since 1863. The FRYE Men’s Oliver Billfold Wallet is a beautiful wallet that just oozes individuality. We think this is the wallet for the hipster, or the dude.

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FRYE Men’s Oliver Billfold Wallet

Look good when you are buying drinks before the concert.

3 Mens wallet for the refined gentleman

The Ettinger Men Leather Coat Wallet Brogue Collection is a handmade mens wallet from England. And, if you didn’t know, Ettinger are suppliers to the British Royal Family. This is an extremely handsome wallet that all refined gentlemen would revere.

buy mens wallet

Ettinger Men Leather Coat Wallet Brogue Collection Nut Brown/London Tan

And of course the top wallet for the refined gentlemen is 100% genuine leather.


Hopefully we have convinced you that a mens wallet is a great gift, and maybe inspired you with the top 3 wallets above. If you need more inspiration or a wider choice to choose from, you can check out the best sellers at Amazon.

If you’re not convinced that a mens wallet is the right gift, then check out Pegifi for more gift ideas.

Or if you’re not sure what gift to buy whatsoever, then check out these useful questions to ask yourself to find the perfect gift in 2017.

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