3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

Bad news! It is likely that some of the gifts you give this year in 2017 will suck.  This post will hopefully help you improve your gift giving in 2017, by first outlining the 3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck to help you understand why this has happened in the past.

(We’re currently looking for stats on the averages for gifts that hit the mark and gifts that suck – when we find them we’ll update the post – if you have stats worth sharing let us know here).

3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

Seeing that you typically give gifts to people you love, important people in your life, or as a sign of appreciation for a special effort, this is not good. Add to this the fact that chances are you will be spending a decent amount of money on gifts and you quickly realize that you need to lift your game.

Luckily for you (!), this post will quickly outline the 3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck, and more importantly give you 1 easy hack to help you find the perfect gift, not a gift that sucks!

So hopefully after reading this post and implementing the hack at the end of this post the gifts you give in 2017 will be awesome!

3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

There are many reasons the gifts you give in 2017 will suck. These reasons can be avoided if you follow the hack at the bottom of this post – if you’re time poor, just scroll down to the hack below, implement the hack if you think it will make a difference to you and good luck! Or, if you’re self-aware and you know that you have a bad strike rate of giving gifts that hit the mark in the past and you just want to improve, then don’t bother with the analysis and scroll to the hack below and best of luck!

3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

Fail! 3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

We should also add at this point that sometimes life throws a curveball and your gift falls short of the mark despite your best efforts. When this happens, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, see if there is anything you can learn from this fail/total embarrasment/[insert applicable horrible reaction here] and move on – quick!

Reason # 1 why your gifts suck – NO IDEA – you have no idea what to get…

The first reason why people give gifts that suck is that they don’t know what to give. There is a never-ending list of reasons why you can be clueless as to what to give someone. They have everything you could ever want. They tell you they don’t want anything. The things that you think would make a great gift, or is something that you would love to receive as a gift, don’t appeal to the person you are getting a gift for.

3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

Nothing more frustrating than not having any idea what to get with the clock ticking!

Or sometimes you just come up blank. A bit like forgetting a name, or something you were looking forward to. It happens…

If you looking for a guide to finding the perfect gift, then check out this post.

Reason # 2 why your gifts suck – NO TIME – you don’t have enough time to get a gift that doesn’t suck… so you get something that’s easily available – but sucks…

If you’ve successfully jumped the first hurdle then the second hurdle will often trip up the well-intentioned gift buyer. And there are many reasons why you don’t have enough time. Work/home/school responsibilities have piled up and you literally don’t have time to go and buy the gift. The gift is not in stock and by the time it can be delivered is too late. You’re sick and unable to go and buy the gift. It’s a public holiday/weekend/late at night and the shop is not open. The reasons go on and on…

3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

Nothing worse than running out of time!

Regardless of the reason why you have no idea, you don’t buy the perfect gift, and you end up buying – and giving – a gift that misses the mark, or, even worse, sucks…

Reason # 3 why your gifts suck – NO MONEY – the gift costs too much…

A third common reason why you can fail to give the perfect gift is that the gift you’ve decided upon costs too much. There are many reasons why a gift can cost too much. The gift can cost more money than you have. The gift can cost more money than you are prepared to spend, or have budgeted to spend. Or, if you want to be honest, the gift can cost more than you think the recipient is worth – OUCH!

3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck

No money? No gift!

Well, if the perfect gift costs too much, then guess what – its not the perfect gift, its a dream, a nightmare, so you think again. Regardless, if the one gift that you think of is out of reach, then you will fail for reason #1 (no idea) if you cannot come up with another idea of a perfect gift.

1 easy hack to help make sure the gifts you give don’t suck!

OK, enough doom and gloom about the 3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck. Time for the hack:

Set an additional appointment in your calendar

– 1 month before the event

Set a calendar reminder. Simple but effective. Typically, we mark birthdays/special events/things to do in our calendars on the day they are due. Sometimes, we will put a reminder for a week before the event. But is a week enough to think of a gift that is special, unique, and that truly reflects your feelings or gratitude to the person to receive the gift? Probably not.

At a minimum, put an appointment in your calendar a month before the gift-giving occasion. If the gift is for a very special occasion, then put an appointment in your calendar 2-3 months before the occasion. Why? This gives you enough time to work out what they gift is, and overcome reason #1 – no idea. If the gift is not readily available, then you should have sufficient time to source the gift from out of state, or overseas if necessary, and overcome reason #2 – no time. And if the gift is expensive, then you have time to friends, family and/or colleagues to agree to contribute to the gift, and overcomes reason #3 – no money.

Make 2017 the year of giving great gifts!

And a final benefit is that with sufficient time you may be able to take advantage of sales or discounts, so you can get the perfect gift at a lower price. Now that’s a win-win.

Hopefully you will take note of the 3 reasons why gifts you give in 2017 will suck and the simple addition of an extra appointment in your calendar will help you give great gifts in 2017! It certainly has made a difference for us.

If giving great gifts is important to you and you are looking for inspiration then drop by pegifi.com.


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