10 Questions You Need Ask Yourself To Find The Perfect Christmas Gift

If finding the perfect gift was easy then you’d give the perfect gift every time. But life isn’t that easy. But if you ask yourself the right questions then you are on the path to finding the perfect gift. To help you find the perfect gift for that special or important person in your life Pegifi.com presents 10 questions you need to ask yourself to find the perfect Christmas gift.

1 What’s your budget?

If you can’t afford the gift then its not the perfect gift, at best its a pipe dream, at worst its a nightmare! Giving a gift should not cause you pain, especially not financial pain. So be honest, how much do you have to spend.

2 What’s their budget?

Huh? What’s their budget got to do with your budget. Everything! If the recipient is short of cash then getting an expensive gift might be totally inappropriate. You don’t want their initial reaction to be “I would’ve preferred the cash you spent on this gift…” Similarly, if they are financially well-off getting a really cheap gift might be equally perplexing. If you’re in this position, if you can’t afford to buy a perfect gift, then think about things you can do to help them out that takes your time and effort rather than money you don’t have.

3 When do you need to give the gift?

When is the gift giving occasion? If its in a few months or a few weeks, then you have options – you can order online, you can get it in a shop, you can get something custom, etc. But if the occasion is in a few days, or even worse, tomorrow, then you need to get your skates on!

4 What’s your relationship?

Are you buying a gift for a friend, a relative, an acquaintance, or someone you would like to meet? The closer your relationship, the more personal the gift can be. But you need to be honest when answering this question! A personal gift to someone you don’t know that well could miss the mark, or even worse, insult the recipient. Better to play it safe!

5 What do they do?

Do they have hobbies, interests or sports that they invest a lot of time or effort in? What do they when they’re not at work or at school? Understanding what they do can start to focus your thoughts about what to get.

6 What do they talk about?

What people do and what they talk about can be two different things. Is there a topic of conversation that pops up regularly? Is there a topic which gets them excited?

7 What do they want to do?

A great source of gift ideas can be found in the things that they want to do. This is because if they haven’t done this activity/course/hobby/or thing before then chances are they don’t already have any of the items involved in the activity or thing. What do we mean here? Well, if they always say they wanted to play tennis but never have, then chances are they don’t have a tennis racket. Problem solved!

8 What gifts do they give?

If the first six questions haven’t provided any clues as to what would make a perfect gift then the question to ask is what gifts do they give? Why? Because we are usually attracted to the things we like or value. So it just may be the case that they give the same or similar gifts and that these gifts could be something they themselves would like to receive.

9 Where do they get gifts from?

We are all creatures of habit. And the easiest place to get a gift is from a shop we normally go to anyways. And this applies to physical shops an online e-tailers. Thinking about where they should could provide further clues as to where they would like to receive a gift from…

10 Would they love the gift?

A gift that would help them may not be a gift they would love. Giving a book about weight loss to someone who has put on some extra weight and has talked about losing weight could be dangerous!

Bonus Question: Would their friends and family love the gift too?

The 10 questions will help you uncover the perfect gift. But we’re not done. Give the perfect gift – but make sure that that the gift you’ve identified is thoughtful, not inappropriate. What do we mean? A thoughtful gift is one that they will love and won’t put out those around them. They might love barbecue meat, but if their significant other is a staunch vegetarian then a book on barbecuing meat may cause more pain than its worth. The perfect gift is one that the recipient loves and that their friends and family will happily tolerate! Be thoughtful and diligent, and find a perfect gift that’ll be loved by all!


You’ve made it to the end. Well done! Hopefully, these questions will help you identify a perfect gift. For more hints and tips be sure to check out Pegifi.com. If the 10 questions have helped you find the perfect Christmas gift, then please let us know, and if there are any questions we’ve missed that you think would really help others, send us an email.

Summary: 10 Questions You Need Ask Yourself To Find The Perfect Gift

1 What is your budget?
2 Whats their budget?
3 When do you need to give the gift?
4 What’s your relationship?
5 What do they do?
6 What do they talk about?
7 What do they want to do?
8 What gifts do they give?
9 Where do they get gifts from?
10 Would they love the gift?

Bonus Question: Would their friends and family love the gift too?

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